✨ CIBB2023 Success: Advancing Computational Intelligence

The General Chairs and Local Committee want to express their heartfelt gratitude to all of you who contributed to this unforgettable and remarkable conference 🙏 From inspiring keynote lecture to innovative talk and networking opportunities, CIBB2023 has bring together brilliant researchers from Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Systems and Synthetic Biology, and Medical Informatics 🖥️

We are proud to have contributed to the event with

  • Leveraging on somatic sample simulators for realistic data-driven generation of tumoral genomes“, Francesca Longhin, Enidia Hazizaj, Giacomo Baruzzo and Barbara Di Camillo
  • N2BPC: an algorithmic approach from Networks to Bacteria’s metabolite Production and Consumption“, Matteo Baldan, Giacomo Baruzzo and Barbara Di Camillo
  • Bactlife: A Dash GUI to simulate bacterial communities evolution“, Massimo Bellato, Marco Cappellato, Sara Rebecca, Andrea Calzavara, Alessandro Lucchiari, Niccolò Venturini Degli Esposti and Barbara Di Camillo
  • Differential cellular communication analysis from large-scale single-cell RNA sequencing data“, Giulia Cesaro, Giacomo Baruzzo and Barbara Di Camillo