Advancing ALS Research: Collaborative Efforts with Precision ALS

Recently we had the pleasure to start collaborating with Precision ALS, a research programme for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research across Europe, which brings together ALS clinicians, data scientists, and industries to provide new insights into the understanding of this rare disease. 

This month, we attended a Precision ALS meeting in Basel, where clinical, scientific, and industry experts gathered to discuss the latest frontiers in the development and utilisation of predictive models for ALS. Together with our partners from the University of Torino, we presented our research work in the field and the new models and tools developed within the H2020 BRAINTEASER Project.

Building upon our collective knowledge of AI applied to ALS research, we aspire to bring our expertise and insights into the collaborative initiatives of Precision ALS, advancing the understanding and treatment of this multifaceted, complex disease.