Sysbiobig Shares AI Healthcare Research Insights at DEI-AI 2024

Yesterday we had the pleasure to contribute with 3 presentations at the research event “DEI-AI 2024” hosted by our Department of Information Engineering, where we had the opportunity to showcase our latest groundbreaking work.

In our first presentation, titled “Exploring AI Applications in Medicine: Methodological Challenges and Examples,” Barbara Di Camillo, head of Sysbiobig, delved into the intricate world of AI applications in medicine, addressing methodological challenges head-on. From robust feature selection in omics data to dynamic Bayesian networks for simulating disease progression, we showcased cutting-edge methodologies and ongoing projects, including the BRAINTEASER project.

Following that, our second talk, “Artificial Intelligence Methods to Power Real-World Clinical Studies,” was delivered by our researcher Enrico Longato. This presentation underscored the importance of real-world effectiveness in evaluating treatments. We delved into the nuances of retrospective observational studies and discussed innovative AI approaches to combine weighting and matching techniques for robust analysis, a pivotal goal we are actively pursuing within the REDDIE project.

But that’s not all! Our researcher Martina Vettoretti also presented her recently funded project titled “BREATHE – Big data, internet-of-things and aRtificial intelligence to study the impact of personal Exposure to air pollution on AsTHma Exacerbations.” This project, funded under the PRIN 2022 call, aims to revolutionise our understanding of asthma control by studying the impact of personal exposure to air pollution. By leveraging an innovative infrastructure and employing advanced machine learning techniques, Martina and her team are paving the way for the development of prognostic models capable of predicting asthma exacerbations.

These presentations truly underscore our unwavering commitment to advancing AI research in healthcare and driving real-world impact. A heartfelt thank you goes to the event organisers for providing such a platform!